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To others, it seems like you have it all together. You have a good job, friends, maybe even a significant other and a family. You don’t feel like you have a reason to be struggling, but you are. You feel ashamed and confused. You think, “life shouldn’t be this hard.”  It’s gotten to be too much to deal with on your own, and you are finally ready to reach out for help.

I understand your struggle, and am here to provide you with the tools and support to overcome your roadblocks and create the life you want to live. My name is Laura Wahlstrom, and I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Austin, TX. My approach starts, first and foremost, with getting to know you as a person. I work hard to understand your life situation, background, symptoms, and unique needs. I strongly value treatment techniques supported by research, and utilize them along with experience derived from more than a decade of providing therapy to help you reach your goals.

Through therapy, my clients report feeling happier, more confident, and empowered to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing in life.

Research shows that a strong therapeutic relationship is essential to treatment success. To help determine if I am a good fit for you, I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about your situation and answer any questions you may have.

Please give me a call at 512-521-1531 or email me at laura@drlaurawahlstrom.com to set up your free phone consultation today!